Quick Start (physical keys on the back)

Hold the device by two hands so that the index finger, middle finger and ring finger of each hand are on the six GKOS keys ABC and DEF on the back panel. Do not move these fingers away from their 'home' keys while typing. There are single keys for letters A to F. You need to press two keys simultaneously for letters G, K, O, S and W as shown below. These five letters are also used as Modifiers (a kind of shifts) to select alternative letters on the three single keys of the other hand. The Modifier plus a single letter key are pressed and then released all at the same time. Thumbs can be used for pointer control etc and pinkies can help supporting the device.


Letters and Numbers:

Switch between letters and numbers by pressing all six keys down briefly.

Space: Press all 3 keys on the right hand side - 'Spacebar' = [D+E+F]
Backspace: Press all 3 keys on the left hand side - 'Backspacebar' = [A+B+C]



That's it! - Now you can use the GKOS keyboard to enter basic text for emails and text messages!

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