Parallel Character Sets

Several (62) parallel Character sets of the GKOS can be used by entering a character or a function followed by [SYMB] without releasing the keys between (as a Chordon, e.g. a_SYMB). After this the next symbol will be picked from a parallel symbol set of 30 symbols (62 x 30 = 1860 extra symbols available).

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Press SYMB Set Used

SYMB Standard parallel set (= Numbers and Symbols found on QWERTY)
a_SYMB reserved
b_SYMB reserved
c_SYMB reserved
d_SYMB reserved
e_SYMB reserved
f_SYMB reserved
g_SYMB reserved
h_SYMB reserved
i_SYMB reserved
j_SYMB reserved
k_SYMB reserved
l_SYMB reserved
m_SYMB reserved
n_SYMB reserved
o_SYMB reserved
p_SYMB reserved
q_SYMB reserved
r_SYMB reserved
s_SYMB reserved
t_SYMB reserved
u_SYMB reserved
v_SYMB reserved
w_SYMB reserved
x_SYMB reserved
y_SYMB reserved
z_SYMB reserved
å_SYMB (a_SYMB) reserved
ä_SYMB (the_SYMB) reserved
ö_SYMB (of_SYMB) reserved (up to this, more than 900 special characters can be selected)
Up_SYMB Function keys F1 to F16
Dn_SYMB reserved (recommended for special use from this down…)
PgUp_SYMB reserved
PgDn_SYMB reserved
\_SYMB reserved
/_SYMB reserved (recommended for mathematical symbols set)
-_SYMB reserved
'_SYMB reserved
-_SYMB reserved
'_SYMB reserved
Sh_SYMB reserved
Ins_SYMB reserved
~_SYMB reserved
^_SYMB (to_SYMB) reserved
|_SYMB (and_SYMB) reserved
Sp_SYMB reserved
Bs_SYMB reserved
RightArrow_SYMB reserved
LeftArrow_SYMB reserved
WordRight_SYMB reserved
WorfLeft_SYMB reserved
Tab_SYMB reserved
End_SYMB reserved
Home_SYMB reserved
Alt_SYMB Reserved for picking single symbols and words from native/English char set / layout
Del_SYMB reserved
Ctrl_SYMB Reserved for function keys F1 to F16 optionally (see also Up_SYMB)
Enter_SYMB reserved
Esc_SYMB reserved
Mode_SYMB reserved
!_SYMB Shift + AltGr on QWERTY

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