Letters, Numbers, Punctuation and Accents

Grey symbols: [SYMB] is used as a Modifier.
Black/white symbols: not modified

Each black 2-key Combo above (G, K, O, S, …) is a Modifier function (simultaneous) to obtain the rest of the letters in each group, or just produces the letter marked on it when pressed alone. The main principle is that for frequently used characters, only 1 to 3 simultaneous key presses are needed but for functions more. This way typing is lighter and functions will not be activated by mistake if typing carelessly. The four national/native characters (ÅÄÖÜ) vary in different native versions of the keyboard, so can also symbols in the groups with double dots, currency mark (¤) and paragraph sign (§).

There is a lot more logic behind the character set than meets the eye at first glance. Note e.g. that Dollar and Euro signs use same Keys as D and E (but Modified by [SYMB] and [S]); and @ and ½ use same Keys as A and 2; then & uses Modified [N] (as in 'R&B' = 'RnB'); further: P -> %, Q (eQual) -> =, R -> ^ (Raised). The number set is similar to a cell phone dial keypad when seen 'through the device'.

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