Guidelines for Developing Native Sets

The native GKOS character sets should be phonetically mapped to the basic Latin alphabet layout as far as possible. This makes it easy to switch between languages using the typing skill effectively. If the native characters have no resemblance to the Latin alphabet, a different layout can be used (Thai, Korean, Chinese…).


This figure shows in red color which parts of the GKOS keyboard layout should be modified, if necessary, to obtain a native layout version. Note that in the Tab group, there are 6 characters that can be typed by just one depression of a Combo (SYMB Modifier not needed). In some native layouts, the characters in the Tab group could be used as special Modifiers to get 6 more full sets of letters/characters (6 x 26). In some languages, common words may be much more frequent than certain single letters (e.g. 'the' versus 'x'), so part of these Combos can be used for complete common words.

You can try typing on several GKOS Native layouts here:

The table below is intended to serve as a guideline to obtain phonetic similarity when defining native layouts. It shows what sounds are recommended for each GKOS Combo. An approximate IPA reference is given.

Combo IPA Optional Eng Fin/Swe Ger Gre
[A] [a] car
[B] [b] bad
[C] [tʃ] centro (Italian), chair [s]
[D] [d] do
[E] [e], [ɛ] pet
[F] [f] fool
[G] [g] get [dʒ]
[H] [h] hat
[I] [i], [I] bid
[J] [j] yet, hallelujah
[K] [k] kill
[L] [l] let
[M] [m] man
[N] [n] tin
[O] [o] floor
[P] [p] pet
[Q] []
[R] [ɹ] run, [r] Raúl (Spanish)
[S] [s] see
[T] [t] two
[U] [u] food, rule
[V] [v] view
[W] [w] will
[X] [x] loch [ks] taxi
[Y] [y] Camus (French)
[Z] [z] rose [ᴣ]
[N1] [Θ], [ð] TH Ü Ü
[N2] [] that Å
[N3] [ε], [æ ] the Ä Ä
[N4] [ə] of Ö Ö
[I3] to ¤ ¤
[I4] and " (dots) " (dots)
[I5] § § ß

N1 to N3 belong to the Native Character group
I3 to I5 belong to the Intonation Character group

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