English, Finnish, Swedish and German Shortcuts

These 781 two-character Chordons (Ch.) are used as shortcuts to these words, depending on which native character set is active:

Ch. Eng Fin Swe Ger
.a -1- mihin aikaan +swe+ +ger+
.b yourself eivät ole +swe+ +ger+
.c -3- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
.d -4- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
.e maybe melko +swe+ +ger+
.f sure -fin- +swe+ +ger+
.g -7- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
.h -8- mihin +swe+ +ger+
.i first mitä +swe+ +ger+
.j -10- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
.k back miksi +swe+ +ger+
.l full minkälainen +swe+ +ger+
.m many mikä +swe+ +ger+
.n on on +swe+ +ger+
.o for voi +swe+ +ger+
.p important -fin- +swe+ +ger+
.q from -fin- +swe+ +ger+
.r or -fin- +swe+ +ger+
.s means missä +swe+ +ger+
.t tried miten +swe+ +ger+
.u must -fin- +swe+ +ger+
.v five -fin- +swe+ +ger+
.w following -fin- +swe+ +ger+
.x wrote miksiköhän +swe+ +ger+
.y boy -fin- +swe+ +ger+
.z find mitään +swe+ +ger+
.u brother -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-28- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-29- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-30- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
.. -31- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
., message miksi +swe+ +ger+
.! friend mitenkään +swe+ +ger+
.? for milloin +swe+ +ger+
.- you'll millä +swe+ +ger+
.' yes miten +swe+ +ger+
.U yeah -fin- +swe+ +ger+
.D mean minne +swe+ +ger+
.B -39- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
.F . # . # +swe+ +ger+
.S much mitä +swe+ +ger+
,a -42- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
,b ourselves -fin- +swe+ +ger+
,c ever -fin- +swe+ +ger+
,d -45- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
,e never -fin- +swe+ +ger+
,f -47- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
,g gave -fin- +swe+ +ger+
,h ught -fin- +swe+ +ger+
,i sister -fin- +swe+ +ger+
,j just jo +swe+ +ger+
,k check niinkö +swe+ +ger+
,l clear -fin- +swe+ +ger+
,m most -fin- +swe+ +ger+
,n not -fin- +swe+ +ger+
,o -56- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
,p -57- niinpä +swe+ +ger+
,q come noin +swe+ +ger+
,r -59- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
,s ever -fin- +swe+ +ger+
,t until että +swe+ +ger+
,u see kuka +swe+ +ger+
,v everybody -fin- +swe+ +ger+
,w saw -fin- +swe+ +ger+
,x six -fin- +swe+ +ger+
,y -66- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
,z end -fin- +swe+ +ger+
,u thinks -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-69- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
these enää +swe+ +ger+
enough -fin- +swe+ +ger+
,. everyone nämä +swe+ +ger+
-73- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
,! everything _, että +swe+ +ger+
,? -75- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
,- came näin +swe+ +ger+
,' set kuinka +swe+ +ger+
,U show -fin- +swe+ +ger+
,D no on +swe+ +ger+
,B -80- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
,F , , +swe+ +ger+
,S sure niin +swe+ +ger+
!a -83 tarvitse +swe+ +ger+
!b themselves - fin - +swe+ +ger+
!c couldn't - fin - +swe+ +ger+
!d doesn't - fin - +swe+ +ger+
!e -87- tehdä +swe+ +ger+
!f -88- - fin - +swe+ +ger+
!g though - fin - +swe+ +ger+
!h thought tahansa +swe+ +ger+
!i till - fin - +swe+ +ger+
!j just ja +swe+ +ger+
!k take - fin - +swe+ +ger+
!l -94- - fin - +swe+ +ger+
!m -95- - fin - +swe+ +ger+
!n take - fin - +swe+ +ger+
!o too jos +swe+ +ger+
!p top - fin - +swe+ +ger+
!q -99- - fin - +swe+ +ger+
!r draught - fin - +swe+ +ger+
!s just tässä +swe+ +ger+
!t still - fin - +swe+ +ger+
!u through tuo +swe+ +ger+
!v television televisio +swe+ +ger+
!w two - fin - +swe+ +ger+
!x text - fin - +swe+ +ger+
!y type työ +swe+ +ger+
!z twelve - fin - +swe+ +ger+
!u those t] +swe+ +ger+
too t]] +swe+ +ger+
there tämä +swe+ +ger+
down - fin - +swe+ +ger+
!. -113- arvaa +swe+ +ger+
!, tell tässä +swe+ +ger+
!! -115- - fin - +swe+ +ger+
!? there are täällä on +swe+ +ger+
!- there is täällä ei ole +swe+ +ger+
!' it's tiedä +swe+ +ger+
!U taught tai +swe+ +ger+
!D done tämän +swe+ +ger+
!B -121- - fin - +swe+ +ger+
!F ! # ! # +swe+ +ger+
!S tomorrow tulla +swe+ +ger+
?a last -fin- +swe+ +ger+
?b far -fin- +swe+ +ger+
?c lack -fin- +swe+ +ger+
?d looked -fin- +swe+ +ger+
?e left -fin- +swe+ +ger+
?f after -fin- +swe+ +ger+
?g large -fin- +swe+ +ger+
?h hers -fin- +swe+ +ger+
?i life kai +swe+ +ger+
?j -133- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
?k look alkaa +swe+ +ger+
?l like olla +swe+ +ger+
?m am -fin- +swe+ +ger+
?n answer k]]n +swe+ +ger+
?o love -fin- +swe+ +ger+
?p really -fin- +swe+ +ger+
?q requirement -fin- +swe+ +ger+
?r are on +swe+ +ger+
?s last -fin- +swe+ +ger+
?t fast -fin- +swe+ +ger+
?u laugh -fin- +swe+ +ger+
?v over kovin +swe+ +ger+
?w which -fin- +swe+ +ger+
?x what -fin- +swe+ +ger+
?y away -fin- +swe+ +ger+
?z found -fin- +swe+ +ger+
?u father -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-151- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-152- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
often -fin- +swe+ +ger+
?. from arvaa +swe+ +ger+
?, -155- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
?! are there -fin- +swe+ +ger+
?? -157- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
?- already -fin- +swe+ +ger+
?' live -fin- +swe+ +ger+
?U whome -fin- +swe+ +ger+
?D another olen +swe+ +ger+
?B alias -fin- +swe+ +ger+
?F ? # -fin- +swe+ +ger+
?S remember -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-a easy -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-b herself -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-c children -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-d -168- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-e easily -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-f felt -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-g again -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-h has -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-i in aika +swe+ +ger+
-j -174- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-k hear -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-l help joka +swe+ +ger+
-m made -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-n land -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-o home -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-p happen -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-q able -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-r alright -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-s house -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-t easy -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-a else -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-v -186- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-w always -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-x example -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-y happy -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-z -190- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-u these -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-192- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
they -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-194- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-. ly -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-, their -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-! is there -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-? her -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-199- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-' late hätä +swe+ +ger+
-U have -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-D language -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-B also known as -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-F ly -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-S am tuo +swe+ +ger+
'a - taitaa +swe+ +ger+
'b done et ole +swe+ +ger+
'c country -fin- +swe+ +ger+
'd didn't -fin- +swe+ +ger+
'e -210- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
'f if -fin- +swe+ +ger+
'g together -fin- +swe+ +ger+
'h ght -fin- +swe+ +ger+
'i is -fin- +swe+ +ger+
'j -215- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
'k took -fin- +swe+ +ger+
'l play -fin- +swe+ +ger+
'm took mutta +swe+ +ger+
'n -219- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
'o do -fin- +swe+ +ger+
'p do -fin- +swe+ +ger+
'q point -fin- +swe+ +ger+
'r part -fin- +swe+ +ger+
's 's -fin- +swe+ +ger+
't it totta +swe+ +ger+
'u true -fin- +swe+ +ger+
'v you've -fin- +swe+ +ger+
'w without -fin- +swe+ +ger+
'x exist -fin- +swe+ +ger+
'y you -fin- +swe+ +ger+
'z -231- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
'u -222- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-233- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
other -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-235- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
'. your -fin- +swe+ +ger+
', yourselves -fin- +swe+ +ger+
'! its itse +swe+ +ger+
'? true -fin- +swe+ +ger+
'- ph tätä +swe+ +ger+
- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
'U yesterday -fin- +swe+ +ger+
'D information -fin- +swe+ +ger+
'B -244- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
'F tion -fin- +swe+ +ger+
'S better -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Ua way -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Ub himself -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Uc changed -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Ud don't -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Ue perhaps -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Uf - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Ug hadn't -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Uh he -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Ui ago -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Uj - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Uk - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Ul place -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Um - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Un - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Uo how -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Up people -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Uq home -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Ur hour -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Us - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Ut hate -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Uu hug huono +swe+ +ger+
Uv - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Uw own -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Ux who -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Uy day hyvin +swe+ +ger+
Uz - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Uu - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
an -fin- +swe+ +ger+
- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
at last -fin- +swe+ +ger+
U. around -fin- +swe+ +ger+
U, however -fin- +swe+ +ger+
U! at -fin- +swe+ +ger+
U? whose -fin- +swe+ +ger+
U- his -fin- +swe+ +ger+
U' about -fin- +swe+ +ger+
UU - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
UD at least -fin- +swe+ +ger+
UB possible -fin- +swe+ +ger+
UF ation ]] +swe+ +ger+
US ours .fin +swe+ +ger+
Da -288- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Db myself -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Dc can't -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Dd needed -fin- +swe+ +ger+
De need -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Df cannot -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Dg - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Dh - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Di - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Dj - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Dk felt -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Dl call valmis +swe+ +ger+
Dm name -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Dn no one -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Do now -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Dp - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Dq - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Dr no one -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Ds news -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Dt - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Du number nuo +swe+ +ger+
Dv nobody -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Dw new -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Dx next -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Dy nyt -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Dz nothing -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Du things -fin- +swe+ +ger+
- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
- nämä +swe+ +ger+
everything -fin- +swe+ +ger+
D. now -fin- +swe+ +ger+
D, feel ne +swe+ +ger+
D! called -fin- +swe+ +ger+
D? soon -fin- +swe+ +ger+
D- - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
D' - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
DU - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
DD - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
DB - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
DF sition -fin- +swe+ +ger+
DS - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Ba _a _aa +swe+ +ger+
Bb _er -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Bc _est -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Bd _d -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Be _e -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Bf - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Bg - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Bh - _h]n +swe+ +ger+
Bi - _isi +swe+ +ger+
Bj - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Bk - _kin +swe+ +ger+
Bl - _ll] +swe+ +ger+
Bm - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Bn _ing _n +swe+ +ger+
Bo _o oa +swe+ +ger+
Bp - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Bq - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Br - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Bs _s _ss] +swe+ +ger+
Bt - _st] +swe+ +ger+
Bu - ua +swe+ +ger+
Bv - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Bw - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Bx - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
By - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Bz - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Bu _th -fin- +swe+ +ger+
- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
- _]] +swe+ +ger+
#this is long #tämä on pitkä +swe+ +ger+
B. _. # _. # +swe+ +ger+
B, _, -fin- +swe+ +ger+
B! _! # _! # +swe+ +ger+
B? _? # _? # +swe+ +ger+
B- _ly _lle +swe+ +ger+
B' _'s _lt] +swe+ +ger+
BU _ed -fin- +swe+ +ger+
BD _ing -fin- +swe+ +ger+
BB -367- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
BF _ -fin- +swe+ +ger+
BS _ed -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Fa a -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Fb b -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Fc c -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Fd -373- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Fe -374- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Ff -375- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Fg -376- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Fh -377- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Fi -378- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Fj -379- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Fk -380- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Fl -381- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Fm -382- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Fn -383- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Fo o -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Fp -385- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Fq -386- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Fr -387- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Fs s -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Ft -389- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Fu -39+- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Fv -391- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Fw -392- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Fx -393- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Fy -394- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Fz -395- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Fu th -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-397- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-398- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
-399- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
F. word -fin- +swe+ +ger+
F, words -fin- +swe+ +ger+
F! world -fin- +swe+ +ger+
F? work -fin- +swe+ +ger+
F- whole -fin- +swe+ +ger+
F' wish -fin- +swe+ +ger+
FU -406- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
FD went +swe+ +ger+
FB -408- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
FF +swe+ +ger+
FS # -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Sa beautiful -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Sb between ei ole +swe+ +ger+
Sc intercontinental -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Sd - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Se been eikö +swe+ +ger+
Sf - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Sg might -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Sh ight -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Si #i ei +swe+ +ger+
Sj - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Sk mikä sekä +swe+ +ger+
Sl black -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Sm me -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Sn ing -fin- +swe+ +ger+
So more ei ole +swe+ +ger+
Sp up eipä +swe+ +ger+
Sq intelligent -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Sr before -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Ss use esimerkiksi +swe+ +ger+
St but -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Su us -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Sv #i've -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Sw below -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Sx expect -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Sy by -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Sz - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
Su mother -fin- +swe+ +ger+
- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
because -fin- +swe+ +ger+
animal -fin- +swe+ +ger+
S. my monta +swe+ +ger+
S, our -fin- +swe+ +ger+
S! best -fin- +swe+ +ger+
S? international -fin- +swe+ +ger+
S- back -fin- +swe+ +ger+
S' ed et +swe+ +ger+
SU over -fin- +swe+ +ger+
SD under -fin- +swe+ +ger+
SB % % +swe+ +ger+
SF ition -fin- +swe+ +ger+
SS -451- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
a. around -fin- +swe+ +ger+
b. beautiful -fin- +swe+ +ger+
c. company -fin- +swe+ +ger+
d. difficult -fin- +swe+ +ger+
e. earth emme +swe+ +ger+
f. further -fin- +swe+ +ger+
g. - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
h. hard hyvää yötä +swe+ +ger+
i. if -fin- +swe+ +ger+
j. - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
k. felt kyllä +swe+ +ger+
l. long -fin- +swe+ +ger+
m. more myös +swe+ +ger+
n. never nyt +swe+ +ger+
o. only on +swe+ +ger+
p. problem -fin- +swe+ +ger+
q. over oli +swe+ +ger+
r. aren't -fin- +swe+ +ger+
s. same syömään +swe+ +ger+
t. try -fin- +swe+ +ger+
u. usually siksi +swe+ +ger+
v. shall not voi +swe+ +ger+
w. were -fin- +swe+ +ger+
x. write -fin- +swe+ +ger+
y. weren't -fin- +swe+ +ger+
z. - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
u. things -fin- +swe+ +ger+
å. - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
ä. they -fin- +swe+ +ger+
ö. anyone -fin- +swe+ +ger+
a, ask -fin- +swe+ +ger+
b, best -fin- +swe+ +ger+
c, very -fin- +swe+ +ger+
d, during -fin- +swe+ +ger+
e, every en +swe+ +ger+
f, found -fin- +swe+ +ger+
g, give -fin- +swe+ +ger+
h, himself hänen +swe+ +ger+
i, into isi +swe+ +ger+
j, told jälkeen +swe+ +ger+
k, kiss kuka +swe+ +ger+
l, also -fin- +swe+ +ger+
m, must minun +swe+ +ger+
n, knew nukkumaan +swe+ +ger+
o, once -fin- +swe+ +ger+
p, person -fin- +swe+ +ger+
q, quick ollut +swe+ +ger+
r, once ruveta +swe+ +ger+
s, seven sinun +swe+ +ger+
t, times täytyy +swe+ +ger+
u, used siellä +swe+ +ger+
v, very verran +swe+ +ger+
w, wrong -fin- +swe+ +ger+
x, whatever -fin- +swe+ +ger+
y, years -fin- +swe+ +ger+
- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
u, think -fin- +swe+ +ger+
å, - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
ä, their -fin- +swe+ +ger+
ö, of course -fin- +swe+ +ger+
a! asked -fin- +swe+ +ger+
b! by the way, -fin- +swe+ +ger+
c! could -fin- +swe+ +ger+
d! does -fin- +swe+ +ger+
e! et ette +swe+ +ger+
f! friend -fin- +swe+ +ger+
g! get -fin- +swe+ +ger+
h! ght heti +swe+ +ger+
i! its -fin- +swe+ +ger+
j! got -fin- +swe+ +ger+
k! took kuten +swe+ +ger+
l! let -fin- +swe+ +ger+
m! moment -fin- +swe+ +ger+
n! took -fin- +swe+ +ger+
o! both olette +swe+ +ger+
p! other pitää +swe+ +ger+
q! question olitte +swe+ +ger+
r! often -fin- +swe+ +ger+
s! should st] +swe+ +ger+
t! shouldn't -fin- +swe+ +ger+
u! something sitten +swe+ +ger+
v! - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
w! would -fin- +swe+ +ger+
x! white -fin- +swe+ +ger+
y! you'd -fin- +swe+ +ger+
z! wouldn't -fin- +swe+ +ger+
u! that -fin- +swe+ +ger+
å! anything -fin- +swe+ +ger+
ä! - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
ö! anything -fin- +swe+ +ger+
a? after -fin- +swe+ +ger+
b? baby -fin- +swe+ +ger+
c? -544- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
d? -545- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
e? eleven -fin- +swe+ +ger+
f? far -fin- +swe+ +ger+
g? great -fin- +swe+ +ger+
h? here -fin- +swe+ +ger+
i? - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
j? - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
k? feel kanssa +swe+ +ger+
l? let's -fin- +swe+ +ger+
m? million -fin- +swe+ +ger+
n? enough -fin- +swe+ +ger+
o? old ole +swe+ +ger+
p? please paljon +swe+ +ger+
q? - olleet +swe+ +ger+
r? four onko +swe+ +ger+
s? soon sanoa +swe+ +ger+
t? tell -fin- +swe+ +ger+
u? sure silloin +swe+ +ger+
v? slow vaan +swe+ +ger+
w? will -fin- +swe+ +ger+
x? won't -fin- +swe+ +ger+
y? you're -fin- +swe+ +ger+
z? - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
u? three -fin- +swe+ +ger+
å? - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
ä? there älkää +swe+ +ger+
ö? off -fin- +swe+ +ger+
a- all aivan +swe+ +ger+
b- below -fin- +swe+ +ger+
c- child -fin- +swe+ +ger+
d- dear -fin- +swe+ +ger+
e- each eivät +swe+ +ger+
f- feel -fin- +swe+ +ger+
g- going -fin- +swe+ +ger+
h- hasn't hän +swe+ +ger+
i- #i'll -fin- +swe+ +ger+
j- job joka +swe+ +ger+
k- heard kovin +swe+ +ger+
l- let -fin- +swe+ +ger+
m- make mahdollista +swe+ +ger+
n- night enää +swe+ +ger+
o- ole olen +swe+ +ger+
p- percent paha +swe+ +ger+
q- question olin +swe+ +ger+
r- read -fin- +swe+ +ger+
s- small -fin- +swe+ +ger+
t- take tehdä +swe+ +ger+
u- some sillä +swe+ +ger+
v- - vain +swe+ +ger+
w- well -fin- +swe+ +ger+
x- where -fin- +swe+ +ger+
y- you'll -fin- +swe+ +ger+
z- - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
u- this -fin- +swe+ +ger+
å- - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
ä- theirs älä +swe+ +ger+
ö- - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
a' -602- aivan +swe+ +ger+
b' bad -fin- +swe+ +ger+
c' -604- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
d' did -fin- +swe+ +ger+
e' eight et +swe+ +ger+
f' find -fin- +swe+ +ger+
g' good -fin- +swe+ +ger+
h' his hyvä +swe+ +ger+
i' isn't eikö +swe+ +ger+
j' just jos +swe+ +ger+
k' keep kuitenkin +swe+ +ger+
l' line -fin- +swe+ +ger+
m' may minä +swe+ +ger+
n' nice näppäimistö +swe+ +ger+
o' out olet +swe+ +ger+
p' don't pitkään +swe+ +ger+
q' quit olit +swe+ +ger+
r' ready -fin- +swe+ +ger+
s' say sinä +swe+ +ger+
t' said tiedä +swe+ +ger+
u' sometimes sitä +swe+ +ger+
v' yesterday voi +swe+ +ger+
w' with -fin- +swe+ +ger+
x' why -fin- +swe+ +ger+
y' yours -fin- +swe+ +ger+
z' wanted -fin- +swe+ +ger+
u' this -fin- +swe+ +ger+
å' that's -fin- +swe+ +ger+
ä' these -fin- +swe+ +ger+
ö' anybody -fin- +swe+ +ger+
sU -632- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
bU bright -fin- +swe+ +ger+
cU change -fin- +swe+ +ger+
dU do d] +swe+ +ger+
eU eight -fin- +swe+ +ger+
fU fight -fin- +swe+ +ger+
gU had -fin- +swe+ +ger+
hU haven't -fin- +swe+ +ger+
iU ihmisiä ihan +swe+ +ger+
jU - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
kU knight -fin- +swe+ +ger+
lU light -fin- +swe+ +ger+
mU might mahdollisimman +swe+ +ger+
nU night -fin- +swe+ +ger+
oU ought -fin- +swe+ +ger+
pU possible paha +swe+ +ger+
qU hers -fin- +swe+ +ger+
rU right -fin- +swe+ +ger+
sight -fin- +swe+ +ger+
tU today -fin- +swe+ +ger+
uU such siihen +swe+ +ger+
vU - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
wU was -fin- +swe+ +ger+
xU wasn't -fin- +swe+ +ger+
yU days -fin- +swe+ +ger+
zU - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
uU thank -fin- +swe+ +ger+
åU thank you -fin- +swe+ +ger+
äU - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
öU - -fin- +swe+ +ger+
aD any -fin- +swe+ +ger+
bD -663- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
cD can -fin- +swe+ +ger+
dD down -fin- +swe+ +ger+
eD #english -fin- +swe+ +ger+
fD forth -fin- +swe+ +ger+
gD gain -fin- +swe+ +ger+
hD hand heidän +swe+ +ger+
iD international -fin- +swe+ +ger+
jD join -fin- +swe+ +ger+
kD know kun +swe+ +ger+
lD learn -fin- +swe+ +ger+
mD man meidän +swe+ +ger+
nD known niiden +swe+ +ger+
oD open olen +swe+ +ger+
pD pain -fin- +swe+ +ger+
qD above olivat +swe+ +ger+
sD once olen +swe+ +ger+
sD shall sen +swe+ +ger+
tD ten teidän +swe+ +ger+
uD using sinne +swe+ +ger+
vD meant -fin- +swe+ +ger+
wD want -fin- +swe+ +ger+
xD when -fin- +swe+ +ger+
yD young -fin- +swe+ +ger+
zD anyone -fin- +swe+ +ger+
uD than -fin- +swe+ +ger+
åD -689- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
äD then -fin- +swe+ +ger+
öD any -fin- +swe+ +ger+
aB as asia +swe+ +ger+
bB _ -fin- +swe+ +ger+
cB come -fin- +swe+ +ger+
dB -695- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
eB -696- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
fB -697- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
gB -698- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
hB -699- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
iB -700- isi +swe+ +ger+
jB -701- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
kB -702- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
lB -703- ll] +swe+ +ger+
mB -704- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
nB -705- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
oB came osaa +swe+ +ger+
pB -707- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
qB -708- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
rB -709- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
sB so ss] +swe+ +ger+
tB -711- st] +swe+ +ger+
uB -712- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
vB -713- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
wB -714- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
xB was -fin- +swe+ +ger+
yB -716- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
zB -717- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
uB they -fin- +swe+ +ger+
åB -719- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
äB -720- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
öB -721- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
aF a a +swe+ +ger+
bF b b +swe+ +ger+
cF c c +swe+ +ger+
dF d d +swe+ +ger+
eF e e +swe+ +ger+
fF f f +swe+ +ger+
gF ed edelleen +swe+ +ger+
hF h h]n +swe+ +ger+
iF ion i +swe+ +ger+
jF j ja niin edelleen +swe+ +ger+
kF few kin +swe+ +ger+
lF l ll] +swe+ +ger+
mF m kuitenkaan +swe+ +ger+
nF n n +swe+ +ger+
oF o o +swe+ +ger+
pF p pitemmälle +swe+ +ger+
qF q oikeastaan +swe+ +ger+
rF r rakastan +swe+ +ger+
sF s s +swe+ +ger+
tF tion t +swe+ +ger+
uF ies u +swe+ +ger+
vF v viimeinkin +swe+ +ger+
wF we vanhastaan +swe+ +ger+
xF -745- extreemi +swe+ +ger+
yF y y +swe+ +ger+
zF standardisation standardointi +swe+ +ger+
uF th u +swe+ +ger+
åF a | +swe+ +ger+
äF a ä +swe+ +ger+
öF o ö +swe+ +ger+
aS able -fin- +swe+ +ger+
bS be -fin- +swe+ +ger+
cS ice cream -fin- +swe+ +ger+
dS different -fin- +swe+ +ger+
eS believe ei +swe+ +ger+
fS fine -fin- +swe+ +ger+
gS girl -fin- +swe+ +ger+
hS him he +swe+ +ger+
iS #i'm -fin- +swe+ +ger+
jS just juttu +swe+ +ger+
kS kind kuin +swe+ +ger+
lS little -fin- +swe+ +ger+
mS mine me +swe+ +ger+
nS nine ne +swe+ +ger+
oS one olemme +swe+ +ger+
pS put pieni +swe+ +ger+
qS quite olimme +swe+ +ger+
rS right -fin- +swe+ +ger+
sS she se +swe+ +ger+
tS time te +swe+ +ger+
uS ours siitä +swe+ +ger+
vS -773- vielä +swe+ +ger+
wS woman -fin- +swe+ +ger+
xS while -fin- +swe+ +ger+
yS year -fin- +swe+ +ger+
zS zipper -fin- +swe+ +ger+
uS thing -fin- +swe+ +ger+
åS -779- -fin- +swe+ +ger+
äS them -fin- +swe+ +ger+
öS -781- -fin- +swe+ +ger+

In the table shortcuts, one-letter symbols are used:
U = UpArrow, D = DownArrow, B = Backspace, F = Space (Forward), S = Shift

It the table words, some characters have been replaced by other ones:
Shift = #, Backspace = _, u (umlaut) = ', o/ö = [, a/ä = ], Del= _*, …

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